Yet Another First Day - The Broken Old Record !

Today is the day that I looked forward to in all 4 years of my college life. Tomorrow, the orientation for the batch of 2004 starts and the fresh blood has been arriving in the campus all day long. Proud parents, excited siblings, not very happy mothers and the wonder struck kids. Add to that the counseling service, looking-their-best SGs, fresh-from-internships-across-the-world 4th yearites, the wretched Kanpur heat and the absent academic load. No better time to be on the campus.
And then think about me. Somebody who enjoyed it all so much, today forced to walk around ignoring everything maintaining the expression of I'm-not-concerned on my face !! I wish I could tell u how much effort it takes on my part to restrain myself from jumping right ahead and immercing myself in the proceedings. But I know better than that now. I know that if u try to live ur old days again and again, u start sounding like a broken old record. So I have decided to stay indoors as much as possible for the rest of the week.
So my good wishes to the new guyz. I know hardly anyone of u will ever read it but there is a larger concept behind sending someone "good wishes" or "shubhkamnayen" which I'll talk about later may be.


Anonymous said…
abhage .. is blog ko padhke hum bhi apne orientation days yaad karke senti ho gaye ..
subuk ..


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