Counting to 511 inside a BlackHole

My room now a days is almost like a blackhole. "Blackhole" because time has stopped inside my room, just like inside a blackhole. "Almost" because I can still move in and out of it without any deformation in shape and size.
It all happened 3 days ago when my roommate, the owner of the only table clock in the room, left for his home along with his belongings. Seems like my wrist watch and that table clock had something going on. So even my wrist watch has refused to buzz from that moment onwards thus freezing that precious moment in time almost literally. And as a result, currently inside my room, time doesn't move. I enter it at 9:00 AM in the morning and it stays 9:00 AM till I leave it. To make it even more dramatic, since 2-3 days it is cloudy here in Kanpur (It was raining today) and so u cannot even look out and try to guess what time is it.
(To clarify the picture, here are some details. I live in a 2 room set and the occupants of the apartments around me comprise of families. So it doesn't seem like a very good idea to go and ask to time every two hours. Also whenever I am at my room, I am generally sleeping. So u can now visualize the situation: I sleep at 9 AM, get up, it is still 9 AM, it is still raining, I go back to sleep, wake up, it is still 9 AM , it is still raining, I go back to sleep.. u get the idea). Infact it was in this state of affairs that I composed the last entry, clocks tick life away :)
Now since I have had a first hand experience, I can tell u that being inside a blackhole is not bad at all. Infact, after a little practice, it can be very liberating, just like casual sex (plz refer to "Someone like You"). You can do what u like most without actually worrying about when are u doing it or even how long have u been doing it (doing away with this worry part is what takes the little practice but its worth it :P).
So sitting in my blackhole, where no future was becoming past, I decided to revisit past and opened my blackbox. Now this box is like a Bhanmati ka pitara . It contains all the letters, greetings and whole lot of documents that I have accumulated over 4 years of IIT life. Always a lovely walk down the memory lane. But the most interesting part is at the bottom of the box.
Whenever I have any coins and I remember to, I put them in this box. I also take out some of them from time to time when I am totally broke. Since last one year this box was lying packed in a bag. So today I decided to count how much I saved in all these 4 years. Following are the stats of my treasure :)
25p - 10 , 50p - 39, 1 Re - 222, 2 Rs - 86, 5 Rs - 19. Normal (Gaussian) distribution as expected.
So these are total 367 coins summing up to Rs. 511. I felt so happy looking at them that I wanted to swim in them just like $crooz Mcduck but they didn't prove to be sufficient. Now considering the amount, 511 is quite measly but I am feeling so possessive about it as I do not even feel for the money in my Bank Account. Guess it is the difference that we see between 2 persons one of whom makes a fortune by working hard all his life and the other one who gets it overnight or by inheritance.
Anyway the question is what should I do with them? Spending them just like other money would be such a waste of 4 years' worth of effort. So I am looking for some ideas on how to spend this money. Plz suggest some nice and innovative ways of using this money. I am considering everything from opening a museum to display them all to continuing accumulating more and one day learn to swim in them :).
So what do u say?


Ravi Handa said…
The nicest way of spending money is charity. You can send it to HRY (Handa Relief & You) and I promise that every conrtibution, big or small, will be appreciated. For further details you can mail at

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