Famous Words !!

Some old and new speechs. Most of them are real recordings. They are mostly political, fictional from movies and misc others.


VM said…
However important those speeches might be dude, but the color combo on that page is sooo sick that I couldn't stay for even half a minute.
abhaga said…
humm.. don't u think u should complain to the author of the page? On second thoughts, heera koyle ki khadan me hi milta hai dost :)
Ravi Handa said…
I agree with both of you. The collection is good but the colors are (ahem) (ahem) NO COMMENTS. btw, Samuel's recital of Ezekiel 25:17 from Pulp Fiction would be a great addition to that list.
MMN said…
Wooo.. Awesome collection :) The audio is very good too. Arigatho :)
They should do something to the site though, looks like a Porn site.
Piyush said…
bakait site :D

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