Food Flames

My apartmentmate is leaving for a PhD in IISC Banglore. So today we went to this place called Flames in Swaroop Nagar for a sort of farewell treat. The place was good, both in ambiance and in food. They have chosen this orange color for the interior decoration which might sound a bit strange but the decorator has done his job well. Lighting is low along with candles on tables which I think is a nice idea since it also saves on some electricity :).

I had a wonderful time with some really nice food and a lively company. Especially recommended are the continental dishes. I had baked macaroni with white sauce and after a long time found some place in Kanpur where baked things taste like they should. I am going to eat there at least once more before I leave Kanpur. Recommended for close circle treats and outings since it is a bit on the expensive side.

Bon appetite !!


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