The Extradition Game !

Recently the name Maninder Pal Singh Kohli has been in headlines for the heinous crime of murdering a British girl. PSD, however takes a look at a more political side of the case and I cannot agree more with him. In a related news, Abu Salem may finally end up in India.


Priyendra said…
Saw Khakee yesterday! If you have seen it, you will know that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip!
Pallavi said…
Hmmm Yeah and I believe that no matter what the crime is such a henious deed must be punished.. and I am glad that justice has been swift.

Reminds me of the Punjabi girl in UK who feld and married a Punjabi from her mother's village.. and how she was killed by the goons set up by her uncle from UK to Punjab and how justice is still pending.. they tried to kill the husband too but he was saved...

all this bloodshed for what just because she married someone from her roots and not some rich Punjabi.. SIGH.. what a waste..

the Punjab police is asking for the extradition of the uncle but the case is still pending I think.. havent heard the latest..
abhaga said…
This is sad. We are supposed to be more open minded after getting educated right? I dunno what is happeening :(
In another related news, US refused to extradite Anderson, the union carbide chief. So much for having a extradition treaty with them.
Priyendra said…
But they agreed to deport Iqbal Mirchi ... yahooooo!!
Amit Goel said…
looks like that without Abu Salem indian economy is in ruins that everyone wants him here

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