Feeling Down? Think BlackHoles !

So my obsession with BlackHoles continues ! It is not only because I am currently living in one (it was raining again today) but also because something cool related to them is going to happen next week. The whole physics community is buzzing with excitement and the source of the excitement is a one line note. Yes ! The great Stephen Hawking has done it yet again. Next week in a conference in Ireland, he is going to present a possible solution to a paradox that his work created some 40 years ago.
I am in awe of Stephen Hawking and it is not due to the book that he has written or due to the work that he has been doing all these years. It has to do with the indomitable show of human will and spirit that he has put up for the last 40 years. He cannot do anything himself, he cannot eat, he cannot speak, he can hardly move any parts of his body and to top it all he even suffered physical abuse at the hands of his wife. The only part in his body that works is his brain (of course if we exclude all the internal organs :)) and the guy has a sense of humor that would kick ur ass anyday. He works in the area of theoretical physics, a field few people in the world understand and still thanks to him that today u can mention a BlackHole in normal day conversations without drawing blank stares. Try getting away with superstring and laptons to get a better idea.
But apart from all his scientific achievements, the point is, even though he got such a rough deal from life, he didn't become bitter about it. Instead he went ahead and did things that would actually help a lot of people (read "wrote popular science books"). He didn't even become self centered or fell prey to self pity. Instead he tossed around such outrageous ideas which would find few takers at first. And no Sir ! He is not going to sit alone in his room and write technical papers. He would rather go out and bet with fellow physicists about who is right and make it so enjoyable for everybody around. It is a life best lived I would say !
So next time u feel that life is not being fair to u, just think about him. Next time u feel hesitant in doing something thinking that u are not upto it, think about his situation. And next time u think that nobody would understand what u have to say, think about BlackHoles.

In BlackHoles, I believe !
In BlackHoles, I trust !
To BlackHoles, I pray,
To never let me rust !


Pallavi said…
yeah i admire that gentleman... and his grit..
Sometime back I was watching National Geographic about how they were planning to construct a time machine.. and blackholes was the answer to this ... amazing stuff but its near to impossible to achieve that.. but the possiblity of a dream is there !!!

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